The Novice is the basic job class in Ragnarok Online. All players start as a Novice in Ragnarok Online and begin their journey in the Training Grounds of an unnamed castle.
At first you see a woman which helps you with your first steps in Ragnarok Online.
In the Trainings Ground you learn all basics things that you need for your journey.
So listen carefully to every NPC sometimes they have some nice tips for yout future journey.
After passing the Trainings Ground you can choose your next Jobclass when you reach Joblevel 10.
At the end of the Trainings Ground you have a personal test. After the test you can choose your Jobclass and the NPC warps you to the town wher you can change your Jobclass. You can choose between Acolyte, Archer, Gunslinger, Magician, Merchant, Ninja, Super Novcice (Baselevel 45 required), Swordman, TaekWon Kid or Thief.


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