Marriage, sealing the bond you made with that special person you met in Ragnarok Online
Both players that involved should be sure of their intentions before undertaking this ceremony.

For the ceremony you have to get some requirements. Did you get all requirements the Ceremony can start.

The Bride The Groom
Min. BaseLevel 45 Min. BaseLevel 45
1.200.000 Zeny 1.300.000 Zeny
Diamond Ring Diamond Ring
Wedding Bouquet Tuxedo
Wedding Dress
Wedding Veil

You can buy the Wedding dresses in the southwest of Prontera.
The Diamond Rings caan bought by the Jewel Seller on the south of Morroc.

The Ceremony
Did you get all Item for the Ceremony move to the Prontera Church in the North East of prontera.
The Groom and the Bride have to be in the same Party. Only the Bride and the Groom have to be in this party.

Talk to the marriage NPC in the Porntera Church. The Player who first registered must then have his/her future spouse speak with the marriage NPC within one Minute.

Once both parties have spoken with the marriage NPC, they can proceed to the church to the Priest.
He will ask both parties one final time; should both parties agree, the ceremony begins and the marriage is complete.
After the Ceremony the Bells of the church will ring.
The Diamond Rings turn into Wedding Rings . Congratulation you are now married.


Loving Touch Consume 10% of one`s HP to restore 10% of your partner`s HP.
Undying Love Consume 10% of one`s SP to restore 10% of your partner`s SP.
I miss You Spouses can summon their partners to their location. This skill requires 15 seconds for it to cast, and does not have any delay after it is used. This skill can only be used on maps that can be set as a memo by warp portal.

This kill consumes 1 Sp.

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