Basic Interface
  1. Playername
  2. Your Jobclass
  3. HP Gauge
  4. SP Gauge
  5. Players Weight(Actual/Maximum)
  6. Your Zeny
  • Info: Open statistics window
  • Skill: Open Skilltree
  • Item: Open your Inventory
  • Map: Open worldmap
  • Party: Open Friend and party windows
  • Guild: Open guild window
  • Quest: Open Quest windows
  • Option: Open Optionsmenu.
  • Booking: Open Booksystem (not implented)
  • Rec: Open Recordsystem (not implented)
  • Navigation: Open Navigation window

The statistic windows shows your current stats and your active Equipment.
When you got a Baselevel up you will get some stat points. In this windows you can increase your stats with the Points you get from a Baselevel up

The Skilltree show your Skills of your job classes. On the left side of the Windows you can switch between the skills of your different Jobclasses. You can just switch when you change your job. So as Novice you can switch betwenn the different skilltrees. As 1st-class you can switch between the Novice and 1st-class skilltree. Skills that you learn become colored and have a number under the skillicon.
When you get a joblevel up you can use your Points on this windows to unlock skills.

The inventory window shows the Item which are you carry.
  • ITEM:In this section are usable Item that could be used from your character.
  • EQUIP:In this section are every Equipment for Pets and Players. When you find new Equipment you have to identify the Equipment first before you can use it.
  • ETC:Every item which don't fit in the other two categories get to this one. Loot from Monsters like Cards, Forgeitem or other things.

Friend- and Party window

The Friend window shows you how many friends are online.

On the Party window you can see the map where your party members are and the HP gauge when you saw them on your screen.

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