“Battleground” is a PvP-System in Ragnarok Online. Battleground is a system made for players who want PvP outside of WoE. You can receive different Points and Badges. This badges can be trade for Equipment

You can choose between three different modes.
To enter the Battleground lobby, yo have to talk with Maroll battle Recruiter.
Pick your side
To sign up for a battle you have to choose your side. You can choose between General Guillaumne (Blue Team) or Prince Croix (Red Team). When you pick one side you can join one of the three batlegrounds.

The goal of the Flavius Battleground is to destroy the Crystal of the opposing team. One Crystal will spawn at either end of the map at the two Bases.
You have to be Baselevel 80 or higher
Tierra Gorge
The goal of the Tierra Gorge Battleground is to destroy the Food Storage of the opposing team. Tierra is a open field battleground. In Tierra it is possible to capture the neutral base in the middle of the map. The team which capture the base get three guardians and a new spawn point.
You have to be Baselevel 80 or higher
Kreiger Von Midgard
Kreiger von Midgard is an arena battleground. Everyone in Rune Midgard can jioin the fight. There three groups of Arena according to their Baselevel. First group is Baselevel 1-59, second 60-79 and the third 80-99.
You win the arena fight when every member of the enmy team is defeated.

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